All Systems Go
Headhunter, 1993

This collection of Rocket From The Crypt's singles, issued for the first time on CD, captures the band in both of its incarnations direct, no-nonsense punk maestros ("Live the Funk" and "Jumper K. Balls") and playful mood-swingers ("Lefty" and "Chantilly Lace"). But "All Systems Go" makes its best excuse with "Pigeon Eater" and "The Paste That You Love," by far Rocket's best songs, released together as a Merge 45 in early 1994.

-- Matt Carlson, All-Music Guide

Track Listing
Live The Funk
Bad Song Ninja
Good Bye
Jumper K Balls
Normal Carpet Ride
Where Are The Fuckers
Slumber Queen
Flip The Bird
Cha Cha Cha
Pressure's On
Pigeon Eater
The Paste That You Love
Pure Genius
Lift and Love
Press Darlings
Killy Kill Again
Chantilly Lace
  All Systems Go
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All Systems Go
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All Systems Go
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