Circa: Now!
Headhunter, 1992 (Reissued by Interscope 1993)

Originally released on Cargo/Headhunter before the group was picked up by Interscope, "Circa: Now!" finds Speedo's army redirecting its sound slightly by adding saxophone and slowing the tempo down on some tracks. Of course, Rocket From The Crypt still imbues every second of these with unflinching power. The saxophone of Apollo 9, though sparsely decorated and subtly buried throughout the album, adds 1950s R&B flair on "Hairball Alley" and "March of Dimes." And though a majority of the songs pack a more direct wallop than "Paint as a Fragrance," the record still finds room to settle down on the lush '60s pop of "Little Arm."

Matt Carlson, All-Music Guide

Track Listing
Short Lip Fuser
Hippy Dippy Do
Ditch Digger
Don't Darlene
Killy Kill
Hairball Alley
Sturdy Wrists
March of Dimes
Little Arm
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Circa: Now!
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Circa: Now!
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