Ether Hogg - Snivelization
Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1994

Ether Hogg Ether Hogg

Track Listing
1. A Bellow From Below
2. Glory Riding On LSD
3. Kick Out The Hogg
4. Astronomy On Rye
5. Long Haircuts
6. Lumps
7. Sombre
8. The Sound Of Death
9. Spunky Manjuice
10. Rise From The Dead
11. Rapture
12. (bonus track)

Ether Hogg is actually a musical project featuring various artists that was a "mixture of free jazz, acid rock, garage rock, fractured folk, punk rock, and easy listening, along with a batch of spoken work and recorded samples that were filched from semen encrusted porn novels." RFTC was a part of Ether Hogg, and their contribution was the tracks "Lumps" and "Rise From The Dead." Both tracks are from the Ghettobox Sessions.


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