The infamous Rocket From The Crypt discography got so damn big that the suits over at the Library of Congress have decided to give up on indexing this cornucopia of sound waves. So you will find the all the goods here. Please feel free to enhance the accuracy of this bad boy. Now, on to the feature attraction...

Albums - full length & EPs
Singles - 7", CD singles, and other miscellaneous goodies
Radio Promos
Bootlegs - the Al Capones of the audio world
Other Bands the RFTC Guys Have Been (or are) In
Misc Appearances by the RFTC Guys

Albums / EP's

Paint As A Fragrance
Headhunter, February 1991
Circa: Now!
Headhunter, November 1992
(reissued) Interscope, May 25th 1993
All Systems Go (Japanese Version)
Toy's Factory, February 1993
All Systems Go
Headhunter, 1993
(reissued) SFTRI, 1998
The State Of Art Is On Fire
SFTRI (10" LP), April 1st 1995
SFTRI (CD), November 12th 1996
Hot Charity
Perfect Sound, August 8th 1995
(UK) Elemental, 1995
Scream, Dracula, Scream!
Interscope, October 10th 1995
(UK) Elemental, 1995
(Japan) Interscope, 1997
(Australia) Interscope, 1997
Interscope, June 2nd 1998
(UK) Elemental, 1998
SFTRI (LP), 1998
All Systems Go II
Swami (CD), October 26th 1999
Swami (2xLP), April 2000
"Cut Carefully And Play Loud"
Flapping Jet, November 16th 1999


Rocket Pack (7")
Pusmort, September 1991
Yum Kippered (7")
Helter Skelter, June 1992
Boychucker (7" picture disc)
SFTRI, June 1992
Normal Carpet Ride (7")
Sub Pop, June 1992
Gold (7")
Drunken Fish, July 1992
Special Glow Sleeve - (split 7" w/ Septic Death)
Pusmort, August 1992
Smells Like Grease For Peace - (split 7" w/ Deadbolt)
Standard Recordings, October 1992
Both Good Songs (7")
Merge, April 1993
Pure Genius (7")
Drunken Fish, 1993
Call It A Complex (split 7" w/ Radio Wendy)
Pusmort, 1993
Ghetto Box Rock (7")
Snap Crackle Punk, 1993
Ghetto Box Rock (7" repress)
Snap Crackle Punk, 1993
Boychucker (7" repress)
SFTRI, 1994
Burn Mouth Off Liar With Punk Heat Blast (7")
Merge, 1994 (repressed 1998)
split with Blood Thirsty Butchers (2x7")
Pusmort, 1994
RFTC Plays The Music Machine (5" / 7")
SFTRI, 1995 (re-issued 1996)
Tattoo (7")
Perfect Sound, 1995
I Flame You (7")
Perfect Sound, 1995
Born in '69 (CD / 7")
Elemental, 1995
Young Livers (CD / 7")
Elemental, 1996
On A Rope (triple CD)
Elemental, 1996
Used / Lose Your Clown (7" tattoo single #2)
Dinked, 1996
When In Rome (Do The Jerk) (shaped picture disk)
Elemental, 1998
Lipstick (2 CD / 1 7")
Elemental, 1998
Lumps - (split 7" w/ Julian Briano Y Sus Hermanos)
Vinyl Communications, 1998
Break It Up (2 CD / 1 7")
Elemental, 1998
Dolorean (split 7" w/ The Hellacopters)
Gearhead, October 1999
Dancing Birds (7")
Glazed, December 1999
(split 7" w/ The Get Up Kids)
Vagrant, December 19th 2000

Radio Promos

Circa: Now! (advance radio promo)
Interscope, 1992
Ditch Digger (radio promo)
Interscope, 1992
Sturdy Wrists (radio promo)
Interscope, 1993
Scream, Dracula, Scream! (advance radio promo)
Interscope, 1995
Born in '69 (radio promo)
Interscope, 1995
On A Rope (radio promo)
Interscope, 1996
Young Livers (radio promo)
Interscope, 1996
RFTC (advance radio promo)
Interscope, 1998
RFTC Euro Album Sampler (radio promo)
Elemental, 1998
Break It Up / Lipstick (radio promo)
Interscope, 1998
Lipstick Promo EP (radio promo)
Elemental, 1998
When In Rome (Do The Jerk!) (radio promo)
Elemental, 1998


Night Of The String -- Agressive Skating Video
BS Films, date ??
VG4 -- Agressive Skating Video
date ??
Airwalk's Guide To Music (Young Livers)
date ??
Pirhana Sampler (Born In '69)
date ??
Pirhana Sampler Part 2 - Music The Bites (On A Rope)
date ??
Absolute Pop (Born In '69)
date ??
Kerrang! Planet Rock CD2 : In Orbit (Born In '69)
date ??
Adventures In Music (Shy Boy)
AIM-062 Cargo, 1991/92
Pusmort View
Toy's Factory, 1992
Headstart to Puratory (Nail Biter / Battery Licker)
Headhunter, 1992
Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus (Cancel Christmas)
SFTRI, 1993
Hits Post Modern Syndrome #12 - Valentines Day With Tami and Dan (Hippy Dippy Do)
Album Network Tune Up # 18 (Ditch Digger)
Album Network, May 1993
CMJ New Music Volume 1 (Hippy Dippy Do)
CMJ, July 1993
Alternative Route '94 (Glazed)
Compulsiv For Two (Call It A Clue)
Compulsiv, 1994
Ether Hogg / Snivelization (Lumps, Rise From The Dead)
SFTRI, 1994
5 Rows Of Teeth (Ufo Ufo Ufo)
Merge, 1994
Album Network Tune Up # 26 (3CD -- Ditch Digger)
Album Network, March 1994
Various Yanks: American Pie (Pigeon Eater)
Rubber (Australia), 1995
Taste (Cut It Loose, On Living & Dying, Glazed)
Bacteria Sour, October 3rd 1995
CMJ New Music Volume 29 (Young Livers)
CMJ, January 1996
Difinitivt BEAT 03.96 (Born In '69)
"Take A Trip" NME/Virgin Compilation (Ball Lightning)
Virgin (UK), 1996
The Best... In The World... Ever! (2CD -- On A Rope)
Virgin (UK), 1996
Evening Session Priority Tunes (2CD -- Born In '69)
BBC (UK), 1996
Alternator (On A Rope)
Dino Entertainment (UK), 1996
Turn It Up & Pass It On: Vol 6 (On A Rope)
Aim Marketing, 1996
Shine 6 (On A Rope)
Polygram (UK), 1996
The Dogs ...! (On A Rope)
EMI TV (UK), 1997
Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets Vol. 11 (Tiger Mask)
Amphetamine Reptile, 1997
Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets Vols. 8-11 (Tiger Mask)
Amphetamine Reptile, 1997
Their Sympathetic Majesty's Request (Boychucker)
SFTRI, 1998
Interscope 98 (Lipstick)
Interscope, 1998
CD Warehouse / Howlin' Kitty (Lipstick)
No Brakes - Summer Sampler 98 (Dick On A Dog)
Interscope, 1998
CMJ New Music Volume 60 (Break It Up)
CMJ, August 1998
Radio 1 Sound City (Lipstick)
NME/BBC, 1998
Lose Your Illusion I (Break It Up)
SRH Productions, October 6th 1998
Halloween Hootenanny (I Drink Blood)
Geffen/DGC, October 13th 1998
Squeal Of Blurr #2 (Watusi '98)
Blurr Records (Germany), January 1999
Oh, Merge (Man Down)
Merge, July 1999
Before You Were Punk Vol. II (This Way Out)
Vagrant/Caroline, August 24th 1999
Kiss The Cook (Who Needs You)
August 31st 1999
Converse All-Stars Sampler
Interscope, 1999
St. Valentines Day Massacre (Dick On A Dog)
Melody Maker, 1999
Runnin' On Fumes (Delorean)
Gearhead, April 2000
West Memphis Three (Wrong and Important)


Mad Love (Glazed)
Zoo Entertainment, 1995
Supercop (On A Rope)
Interscope, July 30th 1996
Desert Blue (On A Rope)
BMG, June 1st 1999
Loose Change (Heads Are Gonna Roll)
Surfdog Records, January 2000


Superride 45 (7")
Rocket Queen EP (Original) (7")
Speedo's Classics (Crunch), 1995
Rocket Queen EP (Checkered) (7")
Speedo's Classics (Crunch), 1995
In The White Room (With Black Curtains) (7")
Brand New Bag Records, 1996
Star Search (7")
Radio and TV Broadcast from the UK (12")
Radio and TV Broadcast split w/ live Misfits (12")
Apeshit at the BBC (CD)

Other Bands The RFTC Guys Have Been
(or are) In:

Click here for a pseudo-mini infography of these related bands.

9000 Pounds (Petey X)
A Day Called Zero (JC2000)
Back Off Cupids (Speedo, JC2000)
Beehive & the Barracudas (ND, JC2000)
The Black Heart Procession (JC2000)
Claremont Rats (Petey X)
Conservative Itch (Speedo)
Crankshaft (Atom)
Custom Floor (Atom)
Drive Like Jehu (Speedo)
Hot Snakes (Speedo)
Loader (JC2000)
Pitchfork (Speedo)
Pumphouse (Petey X)
Rice (JC2000 and Apollo 9)
Socially Insecure (Petey X)
Stacatto Reads (JC2000, Speedo)
Sub-Society (Petey X)

Misc Appearances by the RFTC Guys:

Helicopter - The Trombino Sessions

Negative Records, 1992
"Death Of The Queen Bee" Produced by John Reis
Crankshaft - Head Start To Purgatory Comp
Headhunter/Cargo, 1992
"Elanor" Produced by John Reis
Custom Floor - Clear Day LP
Analog Sound Recordings, 1993
Produced by John Reis & Custom Floor
Superchunk - On The Mouth
Matador, 1993
Produced by John Reis & Superchunk
Fishwife - Ritalin
Headhunter, 1994
Backup vocals by John Reis
GoGoGo Airheart - The Things We Need
Overcoat, 1999
Trumpet by Jason Crane
No Knife - Fire In The City Of Automatons
Time Bomb 70930-43529-2, 1999
Sax on "Short Term Memory" by Paul O'Beirne
The Meices - Dirty Bird
Polygram 828681, 1996
Drums on "Wow" by Apollo 9

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