Loose Change Soundtrack
Surf Dog Records, January 2000

Loose Change Loose Change

Track Listing
1. Jack Johnson - Middle Man
2. Blink 182 - Dancing With Myself
3. Pennywise - My Own Country
4. Sprung Monkey - American Made
5. Pivit - Cyber Chryst
6. Furious IV - Twenty IV
7. Los Infernos - Demons
8. Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor
9. Double Drive - Stand By
10. The Scotch Greens - The Professional
11. Rocket From The Crypt - Heads Are Gonna Roll
12. Supersuckers - Stuff N Nonsense
13. Road Kings - Hurdy Gurdy Monkeyshine
14. Jeremy Kay - Only One
15. Fluf - Stand In Your Line

From the Surf Dog website: "The movie stars Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Kalani Robb, Bruce Irons, Tim Curran, The Malloys, Taj Burrow, Conan Hayes, Benji Weatherly, Brad Gerlach and other young rippers in insane Indonesia, Backdoor Pipe, and Cali wave footage. Like Taylor Steeleís last movie The Show, Loose Change features a comedy subplot that creates an alternative reality based on "What if the best surfers in the world didnít surf?" The brilliant soundtrack bands contribute driving punk rock and other delights true to Taylor Steeleís style. Each surfer is showcased to an individual song that captures their true soul."

Rocket was the headliner at the movie premier party at the Belly Up Tavern back in December of 99.


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