CD - Interscope INTD-90167, June 2, 1998
CD - Elemental (UK), July 6, 1998
LP - Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-548, June 2, 1998

The first 500 of the LP were pressed on orange vinyl.

The leading purveyors of all things San Diego - wallet chains, chin-beards, uniforms - return with another blazing album of rock-fueled caricature-core and you are the beneficiary of their action. Join Neato, A-Hole, Popo, B.S., and Zippo 2000 in an attitude dripping 13 song jaunt to the future. Guest appearance from Holly Golightly.

-- Vinylink

According to one of my crafty minions, the UK vinyl version of "RFTC" has a screwed up track order. Well, itīs the same as on the CD except that "When In Rome" is the first song on side B. Apart from this the order is the same but they forgot to change the listing on the cover, Your Touch stands as the B-sides first song and it says that When In Rome is second to last...

Track Listing
Eye on You
Break it Up
I Know
Panic Scam
Made for You
You Gotta Move
Your Touch
Let's Get Busy
Dick on a Dog
Back in the State
When In Rome
Run Kid Run

Bonus CD
Raped By Ape
Hot heart

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The Onion
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Rolling Stone
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CD Cover

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Liner Note and Bonus CD Cover

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