The State Of Art Is On Fire
LP - Sympathy For The Record Industry, SFTRI-320 1995
CD - Sympathy For The Record Industry, SFTRI-320CD 1996

The name of this release is mentioned in the liner notes for Scream, Dracula, Scream... though not literally.

"Is this a bloodsuckers hungry plea or a call to leave what is dead & dying behind? While our tempers race to question what is or isn't real, our confusion readily embraces what does or doesn't. And while the opposition continuously topple over themselves in order to redefine their differences, we maintain the fact that people are easy to fool/please. Rocket From The Crypt is contradiction & lies. Even PT Barnum knew that his 'Greatest Show on Earth' was only made possible by the fact that 'there is a sucker born every minute.'... a bloodsucker! Drawing the juices from life's most valuable fruits indeed, the state of art is on fire...."

Track Listing
Light Me
A+ In Arson Class
Rid Or Ride
Human Torch
Human Spine

CD Only Tracks
Masculine Intuition

Published Reviews
Big Daddy's Kitchen
BUZZZ Online
IUMA's Strobe

  The State Of Art Is On Fire
CD/EP Cover

The State Of Art Is On Fire
Back of CD

The State Of Art Is On Fire
Back Of EP

The first 300 of the 10" were pressed on blue vinyl, and there are even some bubblegum pink copies.

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