The RFTC Multimedia Empire - Tattoos From The Crypt
We've now got a page featuring some 40+ Tattoos From The Crypt by the Original Rocket Tat Extrordinaire Himself, Mike Stobbe. The tattoo images to the sides are a couple of them... reload the page a few time to see random tattoo photos. We are cooler than the other side of the pillow.

These folks below are other people who are Takin' Care of Business, Rocket From The Crypt Style. Most, if not all, of these tattoos were done by artists other than Stobbe. He's sweet enough to rate his own page. (See Above.)

Frank Burge, Bristol, England

Douglas Lathrop, San Diego, CA

Alexander Grant, Bristol, England

Barry Cavener, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Jeroen Danckers, Belgium

Nate Constantinescu, Lawrence, Kansas

Michael Kirschbaum, Staten Island, NY

Johannes Häggman, Sweden

Stephan Schulz-Vasilakis of Hamburg, Germany

Chip Litherland of Lafayette, Colorado

Joshua Brown of Detroit, MI

Mike LaVella (Gearhead Records / Magazine) of San Francisco, CA

Miss Sara Greenwood of Vancouver, BC

Stefan Alcen of Sweden

Robin Steward of Australia

Frank Smialek of Chicago, IL

Matt Melvin of Winston-"Lamerville"-Salem, NC

Bob Maxwell Jr. of Speedway, Indiana

Pat Wong of Blacksburg, Virginia

Nick Wright of Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Josh Schneider of Williamsport, Pennsylvania